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Join us each month for streamable live performances from our studio and streamable rare, unreleased, or works-in-progress, only in the Infinite Sea Lounge. When you join, you'll receive a downloadable version of our cassette-only release, Music for Dreams.

We're beginning to limit our live shows and get back into the studio. This will be the place to hear what we're working on. By supporting us here, minus the fees, the money goes directly into creating new recordings and pressing upcoming releases. We enjoy connecting with people in a live environment! It can be frustrating to go home with $40 after a gig for the entire band though.

So, we're getting back to the creative songwriting, studio process, sharing some of it here, and dreaming big.

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      hello infinite sea lounge! we've got another video... 1 comment · Apr 4, 2017
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      apologies for the delayed share for february! sxsw... 1 comment · Mar 22, 2017
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  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting us in a sustainable way.
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all in the golden afternoon
Austin, Texas
"Bound to draw at least superficial comparison with the likes of Mazzy Star, Damon and Naomi, even latter day Broadcast. However, make no mistake, this has both an instant and enduring charm of its own and stands favourable in comparison with any of the peer group." Terrascope UK

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